Southern Ocean Voyage

Waterbird ready to go

Dear friends,

I am about to leave for my Southern ocean voyage. Waterbird is much more seaworthy than before and I believe I have done everything to be able to sail in the stormiest latitudes on the planet. I will be heading for Antarctic peninsula area (south of south America). It will take approximately two month.

It would be nice to receive some news from you during the long solitary sailing. You can send short text messages to my webmaster and he will forward it via satellite phone Iridium to me. It's for safety reason, because of eventual spamming. Unfortunately I am not able to send messages from my phone (it is an old model which is able to receive sms only) but I will reply as soon as I am online.

I am not able to update my website and this email is the last one for many month. Some news sent by a satellite phone might appear online during the voyage but there will be no announcement in your email.

The news are:

Take care and stay in touch


37°40'S, 176°10'E,   17.12. 2008

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