New mast for Waterbird

9.6. 2010

Loading on the truck on a farm in Mill Town.


Arriving to Portland a month ago I could not imagine how to make Waterbird seaworthy again. Thanks to help of many people around Portland I believe it will be possible. Nick Claydon is a farmer and sailor in one. He had a mast he had built from Oregon pine for his own boat, which does not sail anymore. He gave the mast to me for Waterbird. (Well, he wanted one dollar for it and he looked very surprized that I payed it - cash!)


New mast gang

Nick (centre) is the Mast Gang Chief. Ted (on his left) trumped up the operation. Jason (right) carried the mast from the farm to the boat on his sheeptruck. Dean (left) used his own pillows to underlay the mast to prevent any damage. (I wonder how he sleeps now because the floor of a sheeptruck is not the best treatment for anybody´s pillows.) I was allowed to join the Mast Gang under a condition that I would not stand in their way too much.


Thanks to everybody.
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